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Quest construction completed a new Telecom building for Telefonica in Jacksonville Beach Florida, building was designed with all walls of poured solid concrete (Tilt-Up) 2 floors about 18K Sf. Concrete panels were built, formed, poured and lifted on site, making it a quicker to erect the shell of the building. Metal roof joist and beams welded to concrete imbeds makes this building a very rigid durable structure. Some of the many benefits of tilt-up consist of long term durability, the superior performance in fire safety, reduced insurance premiums, and easy maintenance and repair for the building thus reducing operating costs.A tilt-up construction project begins with job site preparation and pouring the slab. During this phase of the project, installation of footings around the slab in preparation for the panels. The crew then assembles the panel forms on the slab. The forms act like a mold for the cement panels. They provide the panels' exact shape and size, doorways and window openings, and ensure the panels meet the design specifications and fit together properly. Next, workers tie in the steel grid of reinforcing bars into the form. Embeds in the forms are set for lifting the panels and attaching them to the footing, the roof system, and to each other.

The building was designed with all critical systems on the second floor in case of floods, with some floor loads in excess of 900 lbs. per SF. Redundant generators and dual power feeds from Beaches Energy, makes this building self-sustainable. Redundant DC plants and UPS systems installed along with the electrical infrastructure makes this unique robust building self-contained for many hours of operation. The HVAC system was designed with Liebert CRAC units looped insulated ductwork that can sustain just about any weather condition and or critical situation, placed in areas of maximum protection from high winds and ease of access and maintenance.

The design build project took 6 months to build from ground to occupancy, facing the many challenges of weather, permitting and speed of the multimillion dollar building was completed as requested by Telefonica.