Project Gallery Equinix


Quest Construction as chosen to upgrade the most important function of a Data Center for Equinix, 2 1MEG Generators in parallel that provide their customers a piece of mind. Data Centers provide space power, connectivity, and a great amount of cooling. As the Telecom industry becomes more demanding with power, their satisfaction to provide uninterrupted power supply to customer equipment becomes a key component, so does the infrastructure.

Quest is in the process of completing a major upgrade to the Miami site, with 2 new generators, a paralleling gear and robust switchgear. Remote radiators on the roof top for cooling, and a redundant fuel system.

The project is a design built, to accommodate customer demanding needs and requirements. Our Engineering partners have a great deal of experience and track record when it comes to critical power. The design partner is Uptime Institute certified, completed projects in and out of the country ranging from 2 to 45 million in cost. Our major business and experience is to provide a complete design-build space, critical intelligent power and cooling for the Telecom industry.