Project Gallery Bethesda


Bethesda Health City is a very unique healthcare center located in Boynton Beach Florida, with over 100K SF facility home to many practitioners in the industry. Quest Construction replaced 45 HAVC package rooftop units, ranging from 25-125 tons, the center is open 24 hours a day, making it more challenging to insure that no services were interrupted while work was being performed. HVAC units were carefully replaced during occupied space off hours, nights and weekends. HVAC controls were updated and modified to accept the new HVAC system technology

Quest construction recovered 104K Sf roof with mechanically fasten Versico reflective (Carlisle Syntec) TPO Single Ply System to a 1/2" Fan-Fold Recover Board, with Energy Star Rating/LEED compliance. Roof system is a Miami Dade County NOA approved providing maximum protection against high winds. Provided walk pads for maintenance personnel to protect roof while maintenance is performed therefor giving the owners extend lifetime on newly recovered roof.

Investors were granted an excellent rebate from FPL program and were helped transform the newly acquired facility by renovation and transforming the exterior and interior commons areas for a better and look and warm feeling to all resident tenants. Exterior work included Landscape, exterior wall surfacing, waterproofing, paint, signage, roofing, structural repairs/upgrades, and gutters.Interior work included redesigning common area elements and replacing all finishes.

Quest construction was also part of alterations to more than 40K Sf of doctor offices and outpatient Tenant Improvements, such as Dentist, Pharmacy, Pediatrician, Surgery Rooms, Cosmetic Surgery, Rehabilitation Centers and General medicine practice office spaces. Very demanding and challenging work since tenants could not suffer delays or disruption to any day to day operations due to their critical services provide to patients.

Bethesda Health City is a very dense medical facility with critical systems that control and manage utilities, fire protection, hazard communication systems, emergency power systems, which provides the tenants with emergency readiness and a complete maintenance and operations infrastructure for the entire facility.