Florida Construction Company Quest Construction Engineering Announces Expertise in 40 Year Recertification and Inspections

MIAMI, FL -- (Marketwire - April 12, 2010) - Quest Construction Engineering, a Miami based Florida Construction company that specializes in interior and exterior renovations, telecommunication data centers, information technology environments, critical systems and the latest in Florida Construction advances, announces its assistance in the 40 Year Recertification for buildings in Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade County Code, Sec 8-11, Ordinance 01-112 40 Year Building Recertification:
Buildings that become 40 years old are now required to be inspected. "Notices of Required Inspection" are going out to property owners. Standardized forms issued by the county are sent with the notice. (Some owners may not get these notices, but it is still their responsibility to recertify). They will have 90 days to complete the required inspection. Based on the results, buildings will be structurally and electrically recertified for ten years or there will be improvements required for recertification. If improvements are required, owners are given 150 days to complete the required improvements. A follow up report is then submitted by the Engineer stating improvements have been made and the building is recertified. Miami-Dade County Code Sec 8-11, Ordinance 01-112.

A registered Florida engineer or architect must do the recertification for structural and electrical safety. Single family homes, duplexes and minor structures are exempt.

"As a top Florida Construction company, we'd like to assure the property owners of Miami-Dade County along with Broward County, that Quest Construction Engineering has a specialized team which will provide professional and accurate 40 Year Inspections," says Guillermo Alegria, CEO of Quest Construction Engineering. "After the inspection is completed we will provide you with a check list of the repairs needed, if so required. Our in-house engineers will keep costs at a minimum. Then the final report is submitted to the county signed and sealed by one of our in-house State of Florida Registered Professional engineers. This process guarantees a successful acceptance of our reports."

One of their main focuses is the latest in Florida Construction and Florida Electrical to provide their customers with the best and most up to date technology and services.

In December 2009, Quest Construction Engineering was awarded the contract with Uni. K. Wax, Orlando, Florida. Additional clients include ColoHouse, Level 3 Communications, Alfred I DuPont Building, Global Crossing, TelX, University of Miami, and Miami Dade College. They are specialists in helping Miami-Dade customers with the 40 Year Building Recertification process. Visit their website at www.qceflorida.com.

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